AVN CONSULTING is a small privately owned consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve success. We are experts in agriculture, agribusiness and agrarian community development. We help our customers make great decisions, develop clear and realistic plans, and maintain initiative long-term progress oriented projects. Based in Sarasota/Bradenton area, we forge strong, long-standing relationships with local business leaders and connect with stakeholders across the globe using modern communications. In addition we conduct research projects with data collection and interpretation, statistical analysis and publishing. Many of our clients appreciate notary services that we offer.


AVN Consulting is a consulting group serving clients in a broad range of agricultural sectors and industries worldwide and we provide expertise in agribusiness strategy, science and technology, rural development and notary services.


We offer a good quality and on time consulting service to the growing agricultural community. Our goal is to help customers be more productive and successful with increased profitability through the advanced and complete comprehensive risk management and production improvement analysis and expansion of the business overseas.


We want to see our customers consistently achieve increased profitability from adding our service to their management approach. This will most certainly require that we foster an environment where our staff can continually monitor for ways our customers can more effectively address the increased uncertainties associated with production agriculture. It is imperative that we be able to respond to changing business conditions, and provide the necessary customer support in a straightforward and affordable way.

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